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Too many exclamation marks!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Thanks for checking out my website! It's a joyful feeling to share my knowledge and experiences with you through this incredible season of motherhood! I have so much passion for this field, and seeing families triumph through birth, breastfeeding, and the newborn stage with confidence is so exciting to me! I hope for this section of Oh Eve Motherhood to be for us to share, discover, and support each other.

Truth is, I am NOT a blogger:). In my head, my blogging turns out much better than it does in reality! I'm working on it, as it's a new skill for me. I have passion and great interest of all things baby and breastfeeding, but it all lands on paper (or website) like an airport would land planes if the air traffic controller didn't show up to work! Thoughts and stats and bad jokes all over the place with LOTS of exclamation points:).

You see, I have actually written some blogs, which I look forward to sharing with you over the course this journey. A dear friend, whom I love and admire, offered her professional editing services to read some of what I have written. I was so happy to have her look at it before I put it out there for the world to see! She's a valued member of my village, so I say this all with a big smile of appreciation on my face:) After her many words of encouragement and valuable constructive criticism, she gently mentioned that,"I use too many exclamation points." You guys, I smile every time I think of her gentle remark. EVERY sentence I write, I want to put a big fat '!' at the end of! Actually, I want to put three of them!!!

I want you to know, I do this work with lots of exclamation points! It's noteworthy to my writer friend, and it's totally true- looking at how many I use when writing, it's overkill! I definitely need to work on less in my writing. At the end of each sentence I type, it takes really conscious effort to just put a period! I totally agree with her, and even giggle at myself a bit! The truth is, I'm a hands on, face to face, extra passionate nurse and lactation consultant taking Oh Eve Motherhood to the world with LOTS of exclamation points that are on my heart. And just like my mind is working on organizing reader friendly paragraphs, my heart is working on allowing my fingers to put periods at the end of sentence:) (Or smily faces!)

So below, with periods, smilies, or exclamation points, share what you want to know! What do you feel uneducated about? Where do you wish you could better advocate for yourself? What do you turn to google most for in this season of life? What are your worries or fears about birthing, breastfeeding, or motherhood? Is there something you would like to take a class about? I'd love to know what topics have exclamation points on your heart right now!

Thanks for reading!!!!! I can't wait to serve this community of mothers and families with exclamation points on my heart, and periods at the end of writing


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