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Happy Mother's Day

I am amazed at the miracle of motherhood. For some, they are dreaming of motherhood when they are 3 years old and dress up as a mom on career day. For others, worlds are completely rocked by an unexpected pregnancy or a kid on their doorstep. In our own time, we all adjust, adapt, and grow an unexplainable love. No matter how we get the title that earns us some recognition on Mother's Day, we all are all in this together raising the next generation and trying to live our best lives.

We need each other's stories. You can't completely describe motherhood- its far too deep for that. It's feelings, fears, dreams, goals, family dynamics, instincts, and experiences that are not only are about you, but about another persons life- the person who made you a mom! We have SOME control over ourselves- on a good day. You know, when we've actually had some sleep, eaten more than the crust off the PB&J, and had 5 minutes of self care without interruption. Sometimes it happens for us... but then, the KID! Finding success and satisfaction in motherhood is equally about that beloved child we are responsible for! If only they slept when it was sleep time, ate to fill every feeding time, had a perfect report from the pediatrician every month, potty trained perfectly by the time the sibling arrived, shared toys because you taught them how to share... if only. But, they don't. They steal our hearts a million ways, beating to their own drum and taking us on a roller coaster ride getting there, and only occasionally responding to life the way we wished they would!

With each other's stories, we have the privilege of standing up for one another and growing in our own motherhood journey. Motherhood is not a contest or about measuring up. Of course we all have our human moments where we find ourselves comparing our motherhood journey to someone else's, or thinking someone might think less of us because of a fault in our ways or outcomes. The truth is, we all win some and we all loose some... but motherhood is heavy, and if we don't look past this, we are half the mothers we are capable of being.

Starting Oh Eve Motherhood, I recognize the privilege it is to serve mothers- I am in awe of each story of trial and tribulation, each act of selfless love. I urge you to unite with the mothers around you. Call a friend. Join a support group. Say yes to that playdate. Text that mom you think of often. You will be surprised what your perfectionist self can learn from the mother who 'looks' like a hot mess... or what relief your hot mess can be to the mother who looses sleep over her family's imperfections. In almost every story, the goal is exactly the same- raising babies to be the best they can be and loving them well through every step of the way. Surround yourself with mothers and be vulnerable. You will not regret it when you are in the trenches of motherhood- we all spend some time there. And for all the mothers who have been a part of my story- personal and professional - Happy Mother's Day.

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