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Oh Eve Motherhood

Lactation Consulting and Education

Are you an expecting mom?

Breastfeeding classes

Concerned about leaving the house? 

In home and Virtual Consulting

Currently struggling with breastfeeding?

Troubleshooting Problems with individualized care

Feeling overwhelmed?

2 weeks Follow up care provided  


About Me

Kristan Zylka, BSN, RNC-OB, IBCLC

I am the mother to three unique and beautiful young people-my greatest accomplishment.  My professional life has been rewardingly spent as a bedside nurse serving mothers in a hospital setting as they labor and deliver, recover, and bond with baby over the first few days before heading home.  Seeing families through more troubling times in a pediatric ER or inpatient setting has also broadened my scope and insight.   I have been richly blessed, and these experiences have given me roots to share what I have learned with women who want to walk into motherhood with more knowledge; therefore being better advocates for themselves.

Oh Eve Motherhood was born in my fifteenth year of serving growing families.  I have seen how intimidating and overwhelming the seemingly natural act of giving birth, breastfeeding, and learning baby can be. I have a passion to educate families about the birthing experience, the care and feeding of newborns, and making informed choices as they prepare to endure the miracle of birth and the adventure of parenting.   With services offered in homes and the spaces where the real life stuff happens, families can feel relaxed getting it all out there and preparing for the exact needs of their own family!  No cookie cutter plan, no one size fits all, Oh Eve Motherhood is built around individual care, empowering families to be educated and supported during the years of growing a family.  


Mother & Blog



"Your encouragement and words of wisdom are something we will never forget!"

Ryan and Rachael
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